Former Chief Marketing Officer at Santander Bank US

by Chief Marketing Officer - Jennifer Mathissen

"Thank you for helping me grow so I can help others!"

Founder of States Strategies - A Government Relations Firm

by Founder - Ab Basu

"Birungi, thanks so much for an insightful course. Not only did I learn a lot, but I found myself actively looking for more information by the authors we covered. Sessions which forced me to think and perhaps even re-think certain things were definitely valuable to me."

Director of Calvin Hill Day Care Center at YALE University

by Director - Susan Taddei

"I am Susan Andrews Taddei, Mount Holyoke College - Class of 1991, Psychology and Elementary Education major. I am the Director of one of the YALE University's childcare programs, where we are doing our very best to build community among a diverse group of young families and create a better world, one three-year-old at a time. This was the second series I have done with Birungi Ives. As a teacher myself, I appreciate that Birungi respects the learning process. I never felt ashamed for not knowing something yesterday. I only felt encouragement while learning something new. I experienced many "A-ha!" moments as I went through the materials for each session. I loved that Birungi shared her own "A-ha!" moments with us! She established a group environment that enabled us all to be honest and vulnerable. She inspires me to continue my own learning about anti-racism and implicit bias."

Educational Developer MA, PHD at Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

by Doctor - Alexandra D'Urso

"I am so grateful to Birungi for having invited me back after having participated in her anti-racist workshop last summer. As a workshop facilitator, Birungi was warm, honest, encouraging, extremely knowledgeable, and resourceful in putting together the curriculum for the target group. Birungi recreated the positive, focused, and intellectually stimulating environment of a Mount Holyoke College classroom, and it was personally and professionally rewarding to learn with and from her. For a little background, I am MHC class of 2003 and have advanced degrees in Applied Linguistics and Curriculum and Instruction. I work as an educational developer at a highly ranked Swedish University for Life Sciences. My unit's tasks are to help implement Swedish government educational policy at the university and department levels, develop pedagogical courses and workshops for university faculty. I am a group coordinator for a five-year capacity building project on research supervision and generic skills training with another Swedish University and a University in Mozambique. Working with curriculum development in higher education, it is absolutely essential for me as a white American to continuously unpack my many privileges and learn from and with others- especially from people and perspectives often sidelined from decision-making processes in higher education. I have been trying to get university-wide support for anti-racist pedagogy training over here, and after having participated in Birungi's excellent training, I was well-positioned to not only insist upon the necessity of this work, but also ensure its ongoing status in my own context."

Lead Pastor - United Methodist Church

by Pastor - Margaret Gillikin

"As the lead pastor for a large, progressive United Methodist church located in Montana's capital, much of the work I do is oriented to educating church members and equipping them to put their faith into action. The antiracism work we do is primarily oriented to assisting people in doing meaningful advocacy work with the State Legislature and for developing antiracist, respectful partnerships with our Native American neighbors. Many, if not most, of my parishioners occupy significant roles of power, responsibility and privilege in this community. My purpose for participating in this mini-workshop was to further resource myself, in order to resource them in being allies who genuinely walk the walk. The materials offered in this workshop offered a helpful balance of challenge to examine the world newly as well as for personal reflection. The premise that racism inflicts trauma upon ALL people, regardless of role, is a key distinction that I've gotten nowhere else in the reading and training I've engaged over the past year. I find this helpful as it opens a window for compassion that otherwise might be slammed shut. Understanding that the reluctance / refusal of some white people to acknowledge the harm of racism is a form of denial and thus a self-protective response born of trauma creates space for approaching this work from a perspective of healing rather than judgment. It doesn't lessen the depth of work to do, but lowers initial barriers so that it can be done at all. I found this program to be very helpful and recommend it."

Director of Partnerships and Community Programs at Single Stop

by Director - Jen Schumacher-Kocik

" Birungi's workshop is an excellent example of the strength of these communities - not only in the caliber of the materials and Birungi's facilitation, but also in people's willingness to challenge themselves. I too did not know anyone in the workshop, but found it to be a safe space. It is important to acknowledge and reflect on race and trauma, however I have found very few settings where I was able to have this level of conversation in a thoughtful and supportive way. Birungi's workshop was the step I needed in my personal journey... "


5 star rating

Read. Watch. Listen. DON'T WAIT...

Alev Sezer-Jacobs

I recently completed, Corporate Path to an Anti-Racist Society, a course taught by Birungi Ives through Aligne Academy. And If you read anything, read this: ...

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I recently completed, Corporate Path to an Anti-Racist Society, a course taught by Birungi Ives through Aligne Academy. And If you read anything, read this: Don't wait to participate in this anti-racist training. Don't wait to have this innovative and revolutionary training at your disposal. Don't wait to suggest this training to the decision-makers at your organization. In other words, “Don’t wait for a person, such as George Floyd, to die or a public relations crisis to bring equality to your business,” as Birungi Ives says. After spending the better part of my life studying cross-cultural communications and/or participating in many racial sensitivity trainings as part of professional development training, I believe that nothing comes close to the breadth and depth of what this course has to offer attendees. Whether from a non-profit, academic institution, faith-based group, government entity, or private sector etc., participants have an opportunity to evolve their humanity skills in new and innovative ways through Birungi’s training. This is not a racial sensitivity training workshop or module. This is design thinking and thought leadership training from the ground up. Birungi's teaching style is empowering and the flow of the course sets one up for success. Through a series of “read, watch, listen, reflect, write, discuss” offered as content guides, participants have an increased chance of fully grasping the content. The course is especially well-suited for the dynamic learner. Full disclosure: Although this workshop was sponsored by Science is US, as an employee of the organization, there was no cost for me to attend. However, it's worth mentioning that I would after have gladly invested in this training for my own personal and professional development. Invaluable tools and training for anyone embarking on the journey and practice towards anti-racist living. Thank you so much for the having the opportunity to attend this course.

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5 star rating

An Essential Course That Every Manager Should Take

Rachel Kerestes

Over the course of my career I have attended numerous "required" diversity and inclusion trainings. During this workshop we actually delved into why those st...

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Over the course of my career I have attended numerous "required" diversity and inclusion trainings. During this workshop we actually delved into why those standard diversity trainings don't have the impact they should. Unlike those traditional trainings, this workshop is not designed as a lecture. It is interactive and requires thoughtful participation. Each participant is given advance materials in a variety of formats - videos, podcasts, articles to read - and an assignment that requires them to think through the materials and write out specific learnings from the material. That work is then supplemented with facilitated conversation sessions that take more the format of a critical thinking advanced college course. Approaching the subject and material in this way allows participants to move at their own pace, to absorb the content through the format that most appeals to their learning style, spend time reflecting and challenge what they are learning through the facilitated discussion. It is the most innovative and impactful methodology I have ever seen in this space. But it's not just the methodology that sets this course apart. Ms. Ives approaches the curriculum with a thoughtful eye to systemic racism. This isn't a course designed to paint over disagreements that HR wants to avoid in the office. This course is designed to get participants focused on the problem of systemic racism and how to actually address it personally. It provides tools and strategies for individuals to understand their role in the system and how to challenge that system. By working through this course participants can see the world more clearly, can see their colleagues more completely and see how they can break down the systems of racism endemic in American society. I highly recommend this course to every manager.

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5 star rating

Excellent Course! It Forced Me To Think And At Times Even...

Ab Basu

I enjoyed this course and learned much regarding systemic racism and how to help support a path towards an anti-racist society. Birungi developed and moderat...

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I enjoyed this course and learned much regarding systemic racism and how to help support a path towards an anti-racist society. Birungi developed and moderated highly engaging discussions as well as planning a selection of readings and podcasts to prepare for each of them. I am fortunate to have been included in the corporate course by a valued client. I would rank this course as a must do! Thank you! Ab Basu Virginia

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5 star rating

Perfect for Company Workshops, Churches, Communities, or ...

Kristin Boscan

Corporate Path to an Anti-Racist Society was so well-laid out and so impactful. Birungi set a foundation with historical readings and led us into present-da...

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Corporate Path to an Anti-Racist Society was so well-laid out and so impactful. Birungi set a foundation with historical readings and led us into present-day discussions. She covered law, beliefs, and philosophy. Coming from an educational background, I appreciated her addressing various learning styles with readings, podcasts, movies, and graphic art. The podcasts allowed for working parents to listen to some of the homework, uninterrupted, on work commutes. Each week we had some independent learning, then gathered together to discuss. The conversations were intense and real. Each time it was difficult to end, as there are so many levels and layers that we could have continued discussing. I encourage any organization, group, community, or family to participate. I hope Birungi develops a Round 2; I would definitely participate.

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"As the world protests the killings of Black Americans, systemic racism and police violence, companies large and small are coming out with their own statements against racism and are pledging donations to civil rights groups.

Some organizations, meanwhile, are taking it a step further and are committing to being anti-racist as an employer, and for good reason. Research has shown that the way a company responds to diversity-related events that receive widespread media coverage can either help employees feel psychologically safe or contribute to feelings of racial discrimination and mistrust of authority within the organization." (quote source)

In the summer of 2020, I attended the Black Professionals in Tech Network ZOOM conference on ERGs - Build Engagement and Scale. Black executives were leading the conversation from LYFT, Salesforce, Shopify, CIBC, and Microsoft. One of the biggest takeaways is that Black people are exhausted. They detailed that Tech companies are asking their Black ERGs to lead the charge on informing their executive leadership about their concerns, calls for change, and policy development and reform. However, they are also asked to perform at the highest capacity in their hired positions. All of this is leaving them emotionally, mentally, and physically spent. One of the purposes of this workshop is to alleviate this burden on your employees from marginalized communities.

This is not your average Diversity and Inclusion training or trendy Anti-Racism course. Diversity and Inclusion training started in the 80s. Yet, at the top corporations and organizations, you may find a token member of a marginalized community amongst a predominantly white male executive leadership. The fight for equal rights for all came to a head in the 60s. However, to this day people from marginalized communities have not achieved social equity. What is not working? We are not looking deeply enough at ourselves and taking accountability for the role we play in the perpetuation of Racism. We are not being provided with effective tools and information to successfully bring about change, UNTIL NOW!

This workshop: Corporate Path to an Anti-Racist Society - Moving from Societal Grief to Universal Belonging Through Listening, Learning, and Change takes you on a journey. 

On this journey, you will learn how deeper CONNECTION with ourselves and others builds a bridge to cultures and communities that differ from your own. You will learn how to recognize the fears that can prevent you from developing these deeper and more meaningful connection. 

Anti-Racism resources and assignments will be provided weekly via PDF documents to compliment the development of your self-awareness and awareness of Racism-at-large. These resources and assignments will provide you with the tools, the language, and what is necessary to overcome the obstacles to developing this deeper awareness, such as Unconscious Bias and addressing culturally sensitive issues.

Welcome! Thank you for stepping up and investing in your company or organization's journey to an Anti-Racist society! 

PLEASE NOTE:  Curriculum content is only available to enrolled students. If you want more information about the content of this workshop, please contact us at [email protected] 

Thank you,

Birungi and The ALIGNE Team

Founder of ALIGNE

Birungi Ives

Birungi Ives, the founder of Aligne Consulting. She brings to Aligne Academy the highest level of expertise, global experience, and established relationships with internationally renowned brands, individuals, and organizations. Ives graduated with an Interdisciplinary degree in both African and African-American studies from Mount Holyoke College in 1996. The first professional position of her career, she served as the communication liaison between the Afro-Caribbean community and Nottingham City Council in Nottingham, England. It has been her purpose to communicate on behalf of marginalized communities to date. Ives' workshops lead participants to a deeper understanding of how Racism manifests in our society in overt and covert ways. Participants continue on a path of healing the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual (a non-religiously affiliated approach to spirituality) impacts of Racism on all of us. Participants have included executive leadership and employee populations at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, CVS HEALTH, Santander Bank, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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People of Science: Birungi Ives, Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Integration Specialist, Strategist, and Founder of ALIGNE Consulting (Kentucky) - “I developed an anti-racism program called, ‘The Path to an Anti-racist Society’. It’s my signature workshop that offers a transformative, interactive and practical training session for individuals and organizations wanting to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society that’s EFFECTIVE..."
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