Brand Alignment: Consultation with Birungi Ives

5 One on One 1-hr Strategic Partnership Consultations | taught by Birungi Ives
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Birungi  Ives
Birungi Ives
Founder of Aligne

About the Instructor

Birungi Ives, the founder of Aligne ( ) is a branding, marketing, public relations, and media professional. She brings to Aligne Academy the highest level of expertise, global experience, and established relationships with internationally renowned brands, individuals, and organizations. It is through years of recognizing synergies amongst these relationships that she developed the marketing strategy called BRAND ALIGNMENT. Brand alignment elevates the story behind a brand and significantly increases a brand's visibility and profitability through powerful strategic partnerships.

Brand Alignment: Consultation with Birungi Ives


With this Consultation Package, you receive 5 1-hr consultation video conference calls. Your calls will be scheduled and delivered once per month for 5 months. Along with the 5 consultation calls, you are provided with Brand Alignment: PROFESSIONAL at no additional cost. Personally curated by Birungi Ives, you will receive an exclusive list of potential strategic partnerships at the conclusion of your package.

Using her expertise in strategic partnerships, Birungi Ives takes you on a journey that shortens your learning curve and gives you the tools to elevate the story behind your brand. Never forget, YOU are your brand. So, if you do not own your own business or a brand, these 10 steps relate to how you can elevate yourself towards increased growth and financial success.

We welcome you to view a testimonial from Cindy Crawford about the impact of Birungi Ives's work, using her Brand Alignment marketing strategy. To follow, there are more testimonials that share how the Brand Alignment marketing strategy facilitated successful strategic partnerships with world renowned companies, such as TESLA, SpaceX and General Motors.

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Course Contents

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