The Path to an Anti-Racist Society

Moving From Societal Grief to Universal Belonging Through Listening, Learning, and Change. | taught by Birungi Ives
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Birungi  Ives
Birungi Ives
Founder of ALIGNE

About the Instructor

Birungi Ives is a branding, marketing, public relations, and diversity professional. She brings to ALIGNE Academy the highest level of expertise, global experience, and established relationships with internationally renowned brands, individuals, and organizations. It is through years of recognizing synergies amongst these relationships that she developed the marketing strategy called BRAND ALIGNMENT. Brand alignment elevates the story behind a brand and significantly increases a brand's visibility and profitability through powerful strategic partnerships.

As founder of ALIGNE Consulting, Birungi consults senior executives, C-suite leadership, and founders of Fortune 500 companies at Entertainment Studios, Celebrity Foundations/Non-Profits, Multi-national Non-Government Organizations in the development of corporate communications, media, and marketing strategies. For ALIGNE Consulting's website - click here.

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Unconscious Bias

Skills for Inclusive Conversations

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Communicating about Culturally Sensitive Issues

Communicating Across Cultures

Confronting Bias - Thriving Across our Differences 

Bystander Training

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While institutions have perpetuated Racism at the systemic level, we must personally dismantle the Racism that exists in our daily lives!

Racism thrives in our ignorance of people that are different from ourselves. The solution to Racism is deep meaningful CONNECTION! Building these connections with people different from ourselves cuts off the oxygen that feeds Racism. However, it is not as simple as making a Black friend. Before expanding our network, we need to learn how Racism impacts others on a personal and professional level. We need to have the tools, the language, and the awareness to understand and mitigate that impact.

This is not your average Diversity and Inclusion training or trendy Anti-Racism course. Diversity and Inclusion training started in the 80s. Yet, at the top corporations and organizations, you may find a token member of the Black community amongst a predominantly white male executive leadership. The fight for equal rights for all came to a head in the 60s. However, to this day Black people have not achieved social equity. What is not working? We are not building enough deep meaningful connections with those that are different from ourselves. We are not learning and listening enough to Black voices. We are not being provided with effective tools and information to successfully bring about change, UNTIL NOW!

This workshop: The Path to an Anti-Racist Society - Moving from Societal Grief to Universal Belonging Through Listening, Learning, and Change takes you on my career journey. On this journey, I share with you the professional and personal skills I developed to build a powerful inclusive network. You will learn how CONNECTION builds a bridge to cultures and communities that differ from your own. You will learn how to recognize and overcome the fears that can prevent you from developing deeper and more meaningful connections. Also, Anti-Racism resources and assignments will be provided weekly to compliment the development of your networking skills. These resources and assignments will provide you with the tools, the language, and the awareness necessary to overcome the obstacles to building these deeper relationships, such as Unconscious Bias and addressing culturally sensitive issues.

Welcome! Thank you for stepping up and investing in your journey to an Anti-Racist society! 

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